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Top 10 Reasons for Shifting Local

Need some really good reasons for making the Shift? Try these (our thanks to the people at Local First Chicago for their inspiration on these):

  1. Keep money in your community — Going local first keeps almost 70% of your money in the local economy.
  2. Your community is unique – celebrate it — Here’s the thing: if you go into a big chain department store, you could just as easily be in Tallahassee, Florida or Boise, Idaho. Spend local and you’re embracing your community’s unique identity.
  3. Get way better service — A local business is much more concerned about your customer experience, and keeping you happy.
  4. Better selection for you — Local business tries harder to meet your particular needs – they don’t rely on a national sales plan.
  5. More local ownership and jobs — Study after study shows that local small business is the greatest source of job creation. So why wouldn’t we encourage more local start-ups?
  6. Help out the environment — This is a biggie – less transportation, lower energy and fuel costs, less excessive packaging… you get the idea.
  7. Support community groups — Did you know non-profits receive an average of 350% more support from local businesses than they do from non-locally owned businesses.
  8. Better use of community space — We know big boxes can be highly attractive but… Wouldn’t it be better to have more local businesses that can make use of existing empty space in a heritage building downtown?
  9. Better public services — More local businesses mean a stronger tax base, and that pays for better public services for your family.
  10. These are your friends and neighbours — And they live, work and are invested in your community – just like you