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A Shift Fact...

Shifting keeps your community alive. Instead of having a busy big-box store down the street and empty store-fronts lining your downtown, keeping local business owners "in business" keeps your town alive.

LFFs, as we like to call them, are local businesses, products and services that people like you love and want to recommend to other Shifters.


Great honey from B&B's hives and flowers.

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Shift News

BURNABY—CUPE BC President Barry O’Neill took the Ten Percent Shift campaign on the road in the Kootenays this past week.

The tour held nine events in seven communities in six days, attracting hundreds of Kootenay residents to hear how making a ten percent shift in consumer spending to local first can bring... read more »

The Ten Percent Shift has retained Civic Economics, an economic analysis and strategic planning consultancy, to conduct a study of the BC retail economy to determine the potential benefits of a ten percent shift in consumer spending to local independent businesses.

Civic Economics, one of the preeminent progressive economic... read more »

Ten Percent Video

Ten Percent Video

Looking for an easy explanation of the Ten Percent Shift and what it can mean for communities like yours? Take a few minutes to look at our Shift video.

What is the Ten Percent Shift all about? And how can it work for you and your community? Find out by having a look at our video.